How long does it take to process my order?

We process and ship orders Monday-Friday 9am to 12pm Pacific Standard Time. Orders placed after 12pm PST will be processed the following business day. Using Standard Ground shipping your order will typically arrive in 3-5 business days but we do offer even faster delivery methods if needed. Read our shipping policy for more information.

Do you offer free shipping?

All AU orders receive FREE Standard Ground Shipping.

Do you deliver overseas?

We only deliver within Australia.

Can I change my order after I placed it on your website?

Once you’ve placed an order on the site you’ll be unable to modify your order from your account. If you give us a call at +1800 861 605  before the order is processed we’ll be happy to cancel your order and assist you with placing a new order.

How do I process a return? Can I return my speaker at a store?

Items purchased through BRAVEN cannot be returned to a store. In order to get started on processing a return we kindly ask that you visit our Return page and submit a return request. Once approved, we’ll send you an email with further instructions on how to complete your request.

When do I get my refund once I returned the item?

Once we receive your product we will issue a refund per your request. It may take 3-7 business days for the funds to return back to your account. If you have any questions about your refund, feel free to give us a call at +1800 861 605 .

Do you offer gift wrapping options?

We currently do not offer any gift wrapping options at this time.

I have a complaint, who should I speak to?

Please call one of our customer service representatives +1800 861 605  so we can talk about it, or you can complete the contact form on our contact us page.

My product broke down during the warranty period, what do I do?

If your product is under the one year warranty we'll be happy to replace it for you. We have a warranty page to help answer any questions you may have.

What if I lost one of the caps for my waterproof speakers?

We'll be happy to replace it for you. Please contact our customer service team at with the speaker that you have (style/color) and your full shipping address.

I want my Braven speaker now, where can I find it in stores?

Check out our authorized resellers or type in your location and we’ll give you a list of the closest retailers to you.

How do I pair my device?

-Turn Bluetooth on for the device you are trying pair

-Hold down the Pairing button on the speaker (the Play button for 1-3 seconds until you hear a sonar sound)

-Release the Pairing button and check your phone until the BRAVEN speaker displays on the Bluetooth list

-Tap the BRAVEN speaker on the Bluetooth display list to start the connection

-Once a connection is successful, the speaker will make a single beep and the BRAVEN will show a checkmark on the phone's Bluetooth list

-The speaker is now paired

I have a defective item, can I replace it?

Please visit our Warranty page and submit a request for a warranty.

What is TrueWireless?

TrueWireless is a feature which allows two speakers to be wirelessly paired to create discrete left and right channels.

How do I pair TrueWireless?

1. Before starting, disable all other Bluetooth devices on your device connection menu. If your device is actively connected to another Bluetooth Device it will not be able to handle the bandwidth needed for TrueWireless.

2. Turn on your BRAVEN speaker by pressing and holding the power button for two seconds.

3. Start the pairing sequence by pressing and holding the Battery check button for four seconds until you hear an audible sound on the first device. TrueWireless pairing mode can be identified by looking at the five LEDs on the side of the speaker. All five LEDs will light sequentially in a 'side-to-side' pattern.

4. Repeat steps one and two on the second speaker.

5. Your BRAVEN speakers should take up to one minute to establish a connection. Once a connection is made there will be a beep indicating that the connection was successful. If the two speakers are connected together in a TrueWireless pair, but have not yet been paired to a Bluetooth source, the left-most LED will blink twice in quick succession on both speakers.

6. Pair your device with the speaker by pressing and holding the play button until you hear an audible cue. For initial pairing to your device, it does not matter which speakers play button is pressed and held. Speaker to device pairing mode can be identified by looking at the five LEDs on the side of the speaker. The LEDs will flash in an 'inside to outside' sequence continuously.

7. Enter the Bluetooth menu on your device and select the BRAVEN speaker and connect. After several seconds the speaker will beep, indicating that the connection has been established. The speaker on which the connection was initiated from is now the 'master' speaker in the TrueWireless pair. The master speaker (right channel) can be identified by looking at the left-most LED. This LED will blink once every five seconds. The slave speaker's (left channel) left-most LED will blink two times in quick succession every five seconds.

8. The TrueWireless Speaker system is now ready to play true left/right stereo audio.