We connect with photographer Seth Langbauer on multiple levels. His genuine love for traveling. His need to explore the outdoors. His intense appreciation for the beauty of nature. And his passion for capturing it all on camera. It’s clear why we love collaborating with him.

From outdoor sports to landscapes and portraits, Seth’s photos don’t just immortalize a moment in time, but they also manage to invoke emotion and wonderment. Scroll through some of Seth’s images here; you’ll see his talent speaks for itself—but what got him there and the things that move him is a story we feel compelled to share.

What inspires your photography?
My photography is constantly changing with my interests. For me, photography has always been a way of learning. I'm inspired by documenting people’s ways of life, work, and relationships. Whether that is documenting local hunters in Mongolia or getting a glimpse into the lives of female ranchers in Montana. My goal is to learn as much as possible from the people I get to work with.
Right now, I am interested in print making! I really want to learn more about that. I think I'd enjoy the more tactile act of making art instead of just pushing a button.

How does being from Alaska influence you, if at all?
I was actually born on the end of the Aleutian chain in Alaska and later lived in a small town in southeast Alaska. However, I moved to Egypt, then later India while I attended high school.
This time living overseas was pivotal for me. I spent much of my high school time figuring out how to fit in. I probably didn't do a very good job seeing as most of the time I hung out in kiosks making friends with taxi drivers and sharing tea in guard shacks with the schools' security guards instead of the usual high school shenanigans that my peers were getting into. However, I never had to pay for a taxi around town, and I earned the ability to come and go to the school when I wanted, thanks to my security friends.
During that time, I learned about connecting with people in the simplest ways—whether that was sharing a meal with a family or helping strangers, even if they don't share your language.

How/why did you end up in Montana?
I heard they had some cool mountains. In all seriousness, I wasn't too driven to go to college, but decided to attend Montana State University to try out film and photo. I was accepted, and it seemed like a fun town. I didn't go to school there for long, but have been in Montana for the last six years. It's a slow lifestyle that I love. You're not judged for what you drive or what you do for work. You never have to commute, and I can wake up at my house and be in the hills in 10 minutes.

When you’re not taking photos, what do you like to do?
I sometimes find it hard to separate real life from my career. Most everything I do slowly inspires me to document it. I used to climb much more than I do today. Now I often just shoot instead of actually climbing. I love reading, but that often involves historic fiction that sparks trips and project ideas.
I do try to make time to enjoy things just for myself, and I often am attracted to solo sports, like running and skiing. I have always been a highly active person, so I have to climb, ride, run, ski or do something every day. Currently my days consist of: Waking up around six to ski, reading for a while and then working on my computer. It's not too exciting.